Classic View

The default programming view is Classic View, which displays all scheduled events in table format with numerous filter options. By default, 100 events are displayed per page in chronological order. Use the Show field in the form to enter a different value for the number of programming events display on the page. You can also schedule new events from this view by clicking the Add button for the event type, using the Block Copy feature, or importing an event list.

Colors– the events list is color-coded for readability.

  • Gray – historical data. Events that have already been played are part of the history, and appear with gray backgrounds. They can be viewed but not changed.
  • Scheduled (no color) – the event has been scheduled.
  • Green – the active event, such as a playout that is currently playing.
  • Yellow – the event you just scheduled.
  • Blue – the event was scheduled by TelVue Connect.

For a detailed breakdown of the information displayed on the grid, read Field Descriptions and Display Options.

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