Bulk Action Feature Requirements

In various areas throughout the TelVue Connect application, users can perform actions on multiple resources as a convenience over performing the same action repeatedly for each resource. This “Bulk Action” feature has certain browser version and configuration requirements. Specifically, the feature requires “HTML5LocalStorage” or “DOM Storage”  capability to be enabled. The following browsers support this capability:

  • Internet Explorer version 8.0 or better
  • Firefox version 3.5 or better
  • Safari version 4.0 or better
  • Chrome version 4.0 or better
  • Opera version 10.5 or better
  • iOS (Mobile Safari) version 2.0 or better
  • Android version 2.0 or better

Even with one of the above browsers, the feature itself can still be disabled if your browser is not configured to allow Dom Storage. If your browser doesn’t support the feature you will see the following message when you attempt a bulk action: “The Bulk Action feature requires HTML5localStorage support from your browser.”

Google Chrome

By default Google Chrome version 4.0 or better is configured to support the Bulk Action feature. Be aware of commercial and free ad-blocking plugin software for Chrome. Some ad blocking plugins will prevent sites from using DOM storage. If you are using Chrome and you see the HTML5localStorage warning message, try disabling your browser plugins and revisit TelVue Connect.


By default Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 or better is configured to support the Bulk Action feature. It is possible that DOM Storage becomes disabled in Firefox. To verify that DOM Storage is enabled, visit:


And in the preference search box, enter “dom.storage.enabled”. The “value” column should say “true”. If it instead says “false”:

double click on the row and it should be set back to “true”. Restart Firefox and visit TelVue Connect again.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 8.0+ supports Local Storage and it is enabled by default. If you are having trouble with Bulk Selection in Connect, it may be that IE’s Local Storage feature had been disabled. To ensure Local Storage is enabled, select the “gear” icon from the upper-left corner of IE. Choose “Internet Options…”. In the dialog box, select the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the “Security” section. Make sure “Enable DOM Storage” is checked:


Click “OK” and restart Internet Explorer. Visit TelVue Connect again.


Browser Plugins

Certain privacy enhancement and ad-blocking browser plugins can interfere with TelVue Connect’s Bulk Action feature by preventing TelVue Connect from writing data to your browser’s local DOM Storage. If you are using a supported browser and still see the localStorage warning, please try turning off your browser plugins.

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