How to Build RSS Tickers

The ability to display an RSS feed as a crawling ticker is a feature of the HyperCaster v6.1 and above, (with graphics package). There are three basic steps to display an RSS feed through the HyperCaster:

  1. Add the RSS feed to the HyperCaster
  2. Format the elements of the RSS feed
  3. Create and design a Ticker to display the RSS feed

To Add an RSS feed to the HyperCaster:

  1. Navigate to Config → Overlays → RSS Feeds
  2. Click on the icon to add a new feed:
  3. Name the feed, and enter the URL
  4. Save

To Edit an RSS feed:

  1. From the list of RSS feeds, click on either the name of the feed, or its edit icon  to open the Edit RSS Feed page:
  2. In the Feed Format field:
    1. The Intro Text field is where you might include the source of this feed, such as “Breaking Local News”, or TelVue Blog. It will be the first text to scroll across before the items in the repeating text. You can enter manual text here and/or include Variables such as feed item <title> and feed item <description>
    2. In the Intro Text Separator field, use dashes or spaces or other symbols to separate the Intro Text from the rest of the RSS feed content.
    3. In the Repeating Text field, enter the column headers of the category of the RSS feed that you want to display, e.g. <title> and/or <description>
    4. In the Repeating Text Separator, use dashes and/or spaces or other symbols to separate each feed item from the next.
    5. Save, and the Feed Preview field will display the text as it will run on screen, once you have created a Ticker to display the feed.

To Display the RSS feed:

  1. Navigate to Config → Overlays → Tickers
  2. From New: dropdown, select Ticker to open the Ticker design tool
  3. Under Text Properties, select RSS Feed
  4. Format the position, reading speed, text, border, color, etc as you would any Ticker.


While the main intent of this tool is to be able to display RSS tickers, you should be able to use generic XML feeds as well to build tickers.

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