Broadcast Server Integration

(This section for Admins only)  These two crucial steps are necessary for your scheduling data to sync to your broadcast server,  and for scheduled videos to be auto-transferred to your broadcast server.

1. Add Connect to your Broadcast Server.  If your TelVue Broadcast Server already has Connect as an option, login to your Broadcast Server UI:

  • Click on the Config tab
  • Choose “Remote Servers”
  • Click on “New Remote Server”
  • Choose Connect from the “Server Type” pulldown.
  • The username has to be a valid Connect Admin account in your organization.
  • In the Host field, type “”.

(Note:  If your TelVue Broadcast Server does not yet have a Connect option, please contact and we will help you set it up.)

(Tip:  We recommend that you create a utility Admin account in your organization solely for the purpose of synching to remote servers.)

2. Map the Channels on your Broadcast Server to Connect. Once you save the Connect connection as a remote server in your Broadcast Server:

  • log back into Connect
  • navigate to (Admin>Channels)
  • click on “New Channel”, and you will get this form:

  1. You will have to fill out this form in Connect for each Channel on your Broadcast Server.  The Channel ID must match the Channel ID on your broadcast server.  (To find the Channel ID in your broadcast server, click any channel on the Broadcast Server dashboard, and it’s the number at the end of the URL in the address bar in your browser.)

Scheduling data will begin to sync to your broadcast server once that connection is established.  The servers will look for new scheduling information roughly every five minutes.  Once the scheduling information is in sync, the Connect programming will show up in your Broadcast Server schedule like this:  (1) the first time slot, with red lettering, is still waiting for the content to upload;  (2)  the second time slot, with blue lettering, has already pulled the video from Connect.

(Note:  What if there is a conflict between the Broadcast Server and Connect programming? By default, Connect will override any scheduling conflicts between Connect scheduling and local application scheduling with each sync.   But, if you need to protect all of your local scheduling events, then uncheck the “Use Connect server schedule as Master” box, in the Broadcast Server’s Config>Edit Schedule Settings:


in Connect User Manual

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