How to Auto-Update an InfoVue Player

While you can schedule an InfoVue display far into the future, the on-site player only receives 3 weeks’ worth of scheduling information with each Publishing push. That means if you do not Publish anything new to your players within 3 weeks, the InfoVue player will display a “No timeslot on schedule” alert, and your channel will show “No content scheduled”.

To avoid this, you can either push new updates to your player every 3 weeks, or set your player to automatically push an update on a daily basis.  This will happen at 2am local time each day. To set auto-update:

  1. Log in with an admin account
  2. Double-click on the player you’d like to Auto Update
  3. Click the right arrow on the settings window to get to the second page of settings
  4. In the top left, click the technical profile dropdown, select ‘Auto Update’, and click save.
  5. Push an update to that player to have the changes take effect.
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