Adjust the Speed of a Data Feed

If you have a weather or RSS feed that you feel is changing too quickly or too slowly, you can control the reading speed of a live data feed in two steps:


  1. First, set the Referent column for the Data Feed. The Referent column is the one that InfoVue uses to calibrate Reading Speed. For it to work, the Referent column has to be one of the fields that is actually used in the template design.
    1. Click on Data Feed Manager
    2. Select the feed you want to adjust.
    3. On the left side, under DISPLAY OPTIONS, choose a column from the Referent pulldown. By default, the Referent is Column A of your Data Feed. But there are cases, like the weather feed, for example, when the only feed column you want to display will be the Enclosure. In that case, you would select Enclosure as your Referent column.
    4. Click OK
  2. Next, go back to the Template Designer:
    1. If you haven’t already done this, drag the column from the feed you want to display onto the template staging area.
    2. From the DATAFEED toolbar on the left, adjust the Reading Speed to any value from 1-200. 100 is the default reading speed. 50 will slow it down by half. 200 will speed it up to twice as fast.
    3. Save your template.
    4. If the template has already been scheduled, push an update to your player to see the difference.
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