Adding a playlist




To add playlist containers, proceed as follows:

  • Drag and drop the playlist icon anywhere on the stage.  A new container will automatically be created.
  • Resize and reposition the container manually or edit the container’s height, width, X and Y coordinates to achieve the desired effect.


  • You can only use playlists that do not contain templates.  A playlist can be referenced in multiple templates but it cannot itself contain one or more templates.
  • If you attempt to create a playlist container using a playlist that has already been used in another template, you will see an error pop-up on screen.


By default, all playlist containers are set to loop (if there are other containers with a longer duration in the template or if the user sets a manual duration that exceeds the playlist container’s duration).

Users may set the playlist containers to pause instead of looping continuously if desired by selecting the option under Upon Completion.

in InfoVue v1.34 User Manual

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