How do I add Weather to a template?

To Add the Weather feed:
Your InfoVue account will automatically be set up with the weather forecast for your zipcode, in both full screen or vertical (tall) mode.  To add this live weather feed, with graphics, to your template:

  1. Click on pulldown menu underneath the “Data Feed Manager” on the right.  It will display all feeds already added to your Content library.
  2. Choose your weather feed, and you will see the “Fields” populated with the matching RSS or XML fields.
  3. Drag and drop the “enclosure” field to your staging area.
  4. Size and position that zone, maintaining the original aspect ratio of the weather feed so as not to distort the graphics. (9:16 for the Tall Weather, 16:9 for fullscreen HD, 4:3 for fullscreen SD). If you want to vary the dimensions of those aspect ratios, use the Aspect Ratio Calculator.)
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