TelVue is pleased to announce the release of HyperCaster version 8.4 with the following key features:

  • Integrated Community Bulletin Board (CBB) option supporting images, videos, program guides, and graphics with background audio to automatically fill programming gaps  
  • Edit captions natively in the HyperCaster interface, in addition to the cloud with the SmartCaption Caption Editor
  • Audio Level VU Meters for the Channel Confidence Monitors and Preview channel
  • Download content files directly from the HyperCaster interface via your browser
Integrated CBB Example

The integrated Community Bulletin Board option offers a simple solution when you don’t need all the sophistication, features, and multi-user cloud access of TelVue InfoVue. HyperCaster integrated CBB allows you to combine images, videos, on-air program guides, and graphic overlays such as squeezeback news tickers, clocks, and logos in a continuity playlist to automatically fill programming gaps. Background audio from streaming audio, SDI, or analog sources plays during image and program guide sources. Integrated CBB is compatible with HyperCaster AIO models and requires a per channel Image Playout license. You can run separate bulletin boards on each channel in a multi-channel AIO. 

The HyperCaster has long supported ultra-affordable, highly accurate, dual-language live and offline captioning, with no additional hardware required, via SmartCaption integration. Previously, captions could be edited via cloud access to the SmartCaption Caption Editor in TelVue Connect. The SmartCaption Caption Editor can now be accessed directly in the HyperCaster interface so you have the convenience of editing wherever is more convenient, simplifying your captioning workflow. Between SmartCaption’s amazing accuracy, and support for program-specific custom language models, the need to edit captions is rare. The SmartCaption caption editor makes it incredibly easy to make caption touch ups for any reason.

HyperCaster SmartCaption Caption Editor

The Channel Confidence Monitors and Preview Channel now support an audio level VU meter so you can easily monitor and confirm audio levels on your channels and live sources from anywhere.

Channel Audio Level Meter

It is often said in the industry that video is easy, audio is hard. In addition to the new audio meters, the HyperCaster makes audio a breeze with automatic file audio normalization, and real-time channel CALM audio leveling upgrade to ensure consistent audio levels for your viewers, no matter the source levels. This is especially important because the HyperCaster allows you to play so many live internet streaming formats and sources (Classic Arts, DN! Free Speech TV, NASA TV, peer station feeds, LiveU, Social Media from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, RTMP Push and Pull, HLS, SRT) and you can’t always control the audio levels from those sources, likewise for contributed programs from your producers and partners.

In addition to being able to download broadcast files directly via the HyperCaster’s shared media drive, you can now download directly from the user interface via your browser from anywhere.

Full HyperCaster version 8.4 release details can be found in the HyperCaster release notes.

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