TelVue is pleased to announce the release of HyperCaster version 8.3 with the following key features:

  • Live and Offline Caption Translation via TelVue SmartCaption™ Caption Translation integration to automatically generate secondary captions in another language from the primary captions. For example, automatically generate English and Spanish live captions output on CC1 and CC3.
  • Built-in Trim Editor for multiple trimming anywhere within content.
  • Streaming Rules for automatically starting and stopping streaming destinations including Social Media.

The SmartCaption Caption Translation feature makes your channels even more accessible captioning in two languages simultaneously for live events and offline files. For live events, the primary captions are automatically generated via SmartCaption Live from the source audio, and the secondary captions are translated live. For files, secondary captions are translated from the primary captions whether the primary captions are themselves automatically generated via SmartCaption or pre-existing. Primary and secondary captions are output on CC1/CC3 during playout on HyperCaster decoded outputs. End viewers can select between the two caption tracks using industry standard Television captioning support.

Dual Language Live Captions

Powerful caption automation rules make it easy to define which programming gets translated for secondary captions in which languages, and whether just some programs or everything automatically get secondary captions. You can also manually bulk translate captions for your broadcast files in the interface.

HyperCaster Caption Translation requires SmartCaption Caption Translation to be enabled on your associated TelVue Connect organization account. Additionally for HyperCaster Live Caption Translation, each channel requires a SmartCaption Live license.

 HyperCaster version 8.3 adds as a standard feature support for secondary caption live and file workflows with pre-existing secondary captions embedded as 608/708 or attached as a sidecar. You can upload externally created secondary caption sidecar files to content records. Live sources and files with pre-existing primary and secondary captions will also output both on CC1 and CC3 respectively on HyperCaster decoded outputs, and are selectable on content previews and the dashboard channel confidence monitors.

HC Content Captions Tab

The Built-in Trim Editor allows creating multiple trim points throughout content and then re-rendering to either replace the current file or create a new content record. This is useful when you want to destructively trim content or need more than just virtually trimming the beginning and end. For example, the Trim Content tool can be used to remove an executive session from the middle of a meeting, or remove ads throughout a program. The easy-to-use, built-in, Trim Content tool offers a convenience compared to using an external editor for simple trimming. Key features of the HyperCaster multiple Trim Content tool include:

  • Mark In and Out points manually via timecode or visually in the Preview window.
  • Easily mark In and Out points in Preview video player via scrubbing and jumping through the video. Trim selections are highlighted on the preview timeline. 
  • Sprite thumbnails are automatically generated in the background, and are then displayed while scrubbing to aid in quickly finding the desired In and Out points.
  • Preview the content based on the trim point before rendering the trimmed file.
  • Supports saving Trim Points, and re-rendering the trimmed file either to a new content record, or replacing the existing file.
  • Supports selecting the format of the final trimmed file from available formats. 
  • Task tab tracks progress of re-rendering the trimmed file.
HC Trim Content

Streaming Rules expand upon the HyperCaster’s powerful, time-saving, rules-based automation to save you time when streaming specific events. For example, while you may stream your channels 24×7 to CloudCast for integration on your site and mobile & OTT apps, you may want to stream specific meetings, sporting, or live events to social media sites including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Key features of HyperCaster automated Streaming Rules include:

  • Compatible with HyperCaster AIO native streaming and TeleCast 2 streaming encoders
  • Automatically turns streaming destinations on and off for specified events
  • Trigger one more Streaming Destination at a time, up to 5 simultaneous destinations per channel
  • Trigger based on matching Series, Categories, Live Source, Specific Events
  • Streaming icon indicates events that will stream on Dashboard/Scheduling views
  • As Run report include status and when destinations are started/stopped
  • Consolidated Streaming Destinations status view with manual start/stop
Social Streaming Rules
HC Streaming Destinations

Full HyperCaster version 8.3 release details can be found in the HyperCaster release notes.

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