TelVue is pleased to announce the release of HyperCaster version 8.2 with the following key features:

  • Integrated streaming option in HyperCaster AIO models supporting RTMP, HLS, Adaptive Bitrates, Captioning, Multistreaming to up to 5 simultaneous destinations including Social Media, and Simulcast.
  • New Program Guide and Clock Overlays, plus additional overlay enhancements. 

HyperCaster AIO integrated streaming eliminates the need for external streaming encoders saving cost, rackspace, and power while helping you grow your audiences online. Integrated HyperCaster AIO streaming requires the IP streaming encoding license option and adds the ability to output RTMP and HLS streaming formats. Key features of the HyperCaster integrated RTMP and HLS streaming output includes:

  • Configurable encoding supporting HD/SD H.264 Video and AAC audio codecs.
  • Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming support, up to 3 rates.
  • Multiple destinations for simultaneous streaming to up to 5 locations at the same time, also known as multistreaming.
  • Compatible with popular CDNs, Streaming Servers, and Social Media sites.
  • Simulcast channel outputs with automatic up/down conversion for any combination of SD/HD outputs via SDI, Streaming, and IP Transport Stream.
  • Streaming outputs carry through all available processing on the output channel including up/down-conversion, captioning, graphics, CALM audio loudness, and auto fade transition effects.
Integrated Streaming

HyperCaster graphics have been expanded to add new Program Guide and Clock Overlays. The new Clock Overlay is for displaying time of day on-air and is configurable including a background color or image, date, time, and text formatting. The new Program Guide Overlay is for displaying on-air program guides with multiple programs and is configurable including a background color or image, program information formating, number of programs to display, and text formatting. Clock and Program Guide Overlays also work with Overlay Rules for programmatic automation.

HC Program Guide Overlay Image Background

A new Layers field has been added for all Overlays that allows setting the z-index for full control over the layer order of multiple overlays on-air at the same time. Additionally, when editing overlays for a specific resolution stage, there is a new option to save your edits across all resolutions to streamline workflow for simulcast applications. 

Additional features in version 8.2 include:

  • Support for the new, top of the line HyperCaster AIO-B2000-12X+ model that supports up to 20 IOs for maximum expandability and flexibility. For example, a single HyperCaster AIO-B2000-12X+ server can run 10 channels each outputting HD adaptive streaming, while also sending to multiple destinations. 
  • Support for Vimeo live streams as live sources.
  • Configuration option to normalize audio on all files during import supporting Peak, RMS, or EBU normalization.
  • Allow configuration of caption “lines to display”. Options are 2, 3, 4 and dynamic.
  • Ability to export logs from the UI for TelVue Support for when remote access is not possible.
  • Ability to upload software patches from the UI for when remote access is not possible.

Full HyperCaster version 8.2 release details can be found in the HyperCaster release notes.

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