TelVue is pleased to announce the release of HyperCaster version 8.1 that adds Streaming Blackout automation for streaming rights management when integrated with TelVue TeleCast 2 streaming encoders. Streaming Blackout automation allows you to designate which Series, Live Sources, and individual Events show a slate on the live stream while the programming airs on the primary channel outputs. For example, you may have programming that you have rights to air on cable, satellite, or OTA, but not streaming on the internet. You can customize the slate that is shown by uploading a graphic image to the corresponding TeleCast 2 streaming encoder.

Blackout Slate

The integrated TeleCast 2 Manager feature allows adding TelVue TeleCast 2 encoders in the HyperCaster application and linking them to channel outputs for Streaming Blackout automation. Additionally, added TeleCast 2 streaming encoders will be monitored under the HyperCaster System Health to check that they are online.

HC Manage TeleCasts

Full HyperCaster version 8.1 release details can be found in the HyperCaster release notes.

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