TelVue is pleased to announce the release of HyperCaster version 8.0 with the following key features: 

  • Support for the v2 TelVue SmartCaption automatic captioning engine for greatly improved accuracy. (Requires v2 engine to be provisioned in your Connect account).
  • Major Linux Operating System upgrade to the latest long term support version for increased security and performance.

Security is more important today than ever with increased risk of hacks and cyber attacks to organizations of all sizes. This is one reason why we run Linux for the HyperCaster’s core operating system, in addition to its leading reliability and performance. For further security, the HyperCaster also has an integrated firewall and supports secure https access to the interface. For HyperCaster security best practices, check out our security blog post and networking and firewall knowledge base articles.

The enhanced v2 SmartCaption captioning engine takes the HyperCaster’s integrated Live & Offline automated captioning to the next level with amazing accuracy. SmartCaption affordably and effortlessly automates captioning so your channels can be accessible to the hard of hearing, multiple language speakers, and comply with government regulations. HyperCaster SmartCaption integration offers live and file-based captioning without requiring any additional hardware for customers with AIO, B100-SDI/ANA, and ProVue models. Broadcasters who are not using a HyperCaster can add SmartCaption Live captioning to their channels via the ProVue CC standalone live caption server

In addition to captioning your live broadcast channels, SmartCaption captions your programming for streaming VOD and OTT viewing. The HyperCaster automatically publishes programming for streaming along with the captions. The TelVue CloudCast video player also supports Caption Transcript Search, allowing viewers to easily find topics of interest in your programming such as government meetings. It’s yet another great reason to start captioning today!

CloudCast Caption Search

Full HyperCaster version 8.0 release details can be found in the HyperCaster release notes.

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