TelVue is thrilled to announce the release of HyperCaster version 7.2 that adds automatic overlay rules, resumable browser uploads, channel confidence monitoring and previewing from anywhere, any device, SAP support and more. HyperCaster 7.2 builds on the version 7 release themes of advanced, time-saving automation, remote operations, and accessibility.

The Overlay Rules feature allows you to fully automate graphic overlays for channel branding, program announcements, info/news tickers, sponsorships, advertisements, and more. Overlay Rules take automation to the next level saving time vs. scheduling graphics individually or specifically.

Overlay Rules allow selecting one or more overlay to trigger per rule, and support various trigger conditions, display frequency and duration, as well as conditions for channel, program, and time specific graphics. Overlay Rules make it easy to setup Channel Logos, Now Playing and Next Up Squeezebacks, Sponsorship announcements at the beginning, end, and throughout programming, Live vs. Pre-recorded graphics, News Tickers during specific or default programming and much more. Overlay Rules support priority levels that define which elements will show when multiple rules and scheduled graphics trigger at the same time. For a deep dive, check out the Overlay Rules knowledge base article. Overlay Rules are available on HyperCaster AIO and ProVue GFX models, as well as HyperCasters with external ProVues and B100-SDI/ANA models with the graphics option.

The Browser Uploads feature makes it easy to upload videos right from the HyperCaster user interface from anywhere, any device including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Simply drag and drop or select one or more file and upload complete with real-time progress. The Browser Uploader is resumable, so if any uploads are interrupted mid-transfer, i.e. due to a network hiccup, you can re-initiate the same upload and it will automatically pick up from where it left off. The Browser Uploader works over both secure https:// and http://. For more details, see the Adding Content knowledge base article.

The Channel Confidence Monitoring feature allows monitoring channels live right in the user interface, from anywhere, any device, whether on-site or remote. The confidence monitor is full motion and includes everything you would see and hear on the channel, including graphics and available processing such as CALM audio. Admins can disable/enable monitoring per channel, and users can individually toggle monitoring on and off.

Picture-in-Picture enables popping out a confidence monitor video window to place and resize where ever you like on your desktop for workspace efficiency as you work within other applications. Channel Confidence Monitoring is available on HyperCaster AIO, B100-SDI/ANA, and ProVue GFX models, as well as HyperCasters with external ProVues.

With v7.2, HyperCaster AIO models support a dedicated Preview Channel. The Preview Channel displays directly in the browser just like the confidence monitoring for previewing from anywhere from any device. The Preview Channel is great for testing and confirming content, live sources before an event, and for designing and testing graphics overlays and overlay rules. You can schedule and manage the Preview Channel like any other channel so it can also be used to test overall channel workflows.

Additional features in 7.2 include:

  • SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) support.
  • Start on Trigger option for live sources and events to wait to go live until manually triggered.
  • Channel configuration option to stay in continuity and wait for stream presence before going live.
  • Configuration option to record black frames or pause if a stream capture source is interrupted.
  • Series Scheduling support for Stop on Loss and Start on Trigger for live source events.

Full release details can be found in the HyperCaster 7.2 release notes. Watch the promo video for a visual overview of the newest features, and other exciting workflows & integrations in HyperCaster v7, where automation RULES:

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