HyperCaster users will find a number of great enhancements in the latest software version 6.3.

  • Stop on Loss of Signal – Let’s say you are in a live broadcast of a town council meeting or game, and when the event is finished, you want your operator to be able to just turn off the camera to also automatically trigger the end of the event without having to log into the User Interface. You can now choose on an event by event basis whether to Stop on Loss of Signal, plus set the default behavior on each live source. Stop on Loss of Signal works for Live and Recording events, SDI and IP sources.
  • HTTPS UI & Guide Support – The HyperCaster User Interface can now be accessed securely via HTTPS, the industry-wide web standard for secure browsing. While your HyperCaster should already be behind your firewall, HTTPS adds an extra level of security when logging into and accessing the User Interface. By default the HTTPS feature uses a self-signed certificate, or you can optionally upload your own cert. Additionally, the automatically generated Program Guide embed can use HTTPS as well great for avoiding “mixed content” browser warnings if embedding in an already secure website. This also allows embedding the Guide in sites like Facebook, that now strictly allow HTTPS embeds only.
  • Responsive Program Guide – The Program Guide embed now supports a fully responsive layout recommended for responsive web sites to enhance the guide experience when viewing on mobile devices. Simply add the “responsive=true” query parameter to the end of your external schedule program guide URL to use the new, responsive layout.
  • Channel Color Codes – Broadcast channels can now be color coded throughout the application by selecting a designated color on the Channel -> Edit page. Users will see the channel color designations for each event on the classic programming page and at the top of the calendar programming page. It will also appear on the as-run summary and missing files report. This can help those managing multiple channels reinforce they are working on the right channel or set of events.
  • Integrated Pro Transcoding – Optional license that allows customizable Transcode Profiles for creating Transport Streams on import with specific properties ideal for Cable/Telco applications using IP playout HyperCaster models. Direct IP playout from the HyperCaster eliminates the need and cost of downstream decoders and encoders, with cost-effective channel densities of up to 20 channels per 1RU. Supports SD/HD MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC Codecs, plus Audio Normalization. No need for external transcoding applications to create specific transport stream files, just drag and drop upload and schedule.

Please refer to the release notes for a complete list of the HyperCaster v6.3 features.

The TelVue HyperCaster imports virtually any video format, enables remote drag-and-drop scheduling from any browser, supports closed captioning, and allows the user to switch & record live video streams right in the web browser user interface. Powerful, available workflow options include 1-click publishing for streaming/OTT, archive & retrieval to Networked Attached Storage and Archive.org, auto-fetching content and metadata from cloud-contributed and Media Exchange programming, native HD/SD Simulcast, and real-time CALM channel audio loudness management.

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