Streaming has gotten even easier with HyperCaster v8 adding support for integrated streaming and streaming automation rules in the HyperCaster AIO. Whether you are looking to stream your existing broadcast channels 24×7, stream certain events to Social Media, or run streaming-only broadcast channels, the HyperCaster’s streaming features have you covered. HyperCaster integrated streaming eliminates the need for external streaming encoders saving cost, rackspace, and power, saves you time with powerful automation integration, and helps you grow your audiences online. 

AIO Integrated Streaming

Native HyperCaster streaming requires the IP streaming encoding license option and adds the ability to output RTMP and HLS streaming formats in addition to the existing Transport Stream format. Key features of the HyperCaster integrated RTMP and HLS streaming output includes:


  • Configurable encoding supporting HD/SD H.264 Video and AAC audio codecs
  • Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming support, up to 3 rates
  • Multiple destinations for simultaneous streaming to up to 5 locations at the same time
  • Compatible with popular CDNs, Streaming Servers, and Social Media sites
  • 24×7 and event-based streaming
  • Integrates with Streaming Rules to automate which events are streamed where
  • Simulcast with automatic up/down conversion, such as SD-SDI broadcast, HD streaming
HC Streaming Destinations

Streaming Rules expand upon the HyperCaster’s powerful, time-saving, rules-based automation to save you time when streaming specific events. For example, while you may stream your channels 24×7 to CloudCast for integration on your site, mobile & OTT apps, you may want to stream specific meetings, sporting, or live events to social media sites including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Key features of HyperCaster automated Streaming Rules include:

  • Compatible with HyperCaster native streaming and TeleCast 2 streaming encoders
  • Automatically turns streaming destinations on and off for specified events
  • Trigger one more Streaming Destination at a time, up to 5 simultaneous
  • Trigger based on matching Series, Categories, Live Source, Specific Events
  • Streaming icon indicates events that will stream on Dashboard/Scheduling views
  • As Run report include status and when destinations are started/stopped
  • Consolidated Streaming Destinations status view with manual start/stop
Social Streaming Rules

Note that each IP streaming encoding license for integrated streaming requires an available IO on your HyperCaster AIO or AIO+. IO availability varies based on your model and current configuration. One of the big benefits of the HyperCaster AIO+ models is they support more IOs for expansion including streaming outputs. For example, the top of the line HyperCaster AIO-B2000-12X+ model supports a whopping 20 IOs, which means a single server can run 10 channels each outputting HD adaptive streaming, also sending to multiple destinations! Contact if you have any questions on how to incorporate native streaming and streaming automation into your system.

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