While SDI video is still very popular for broadcast workflows, and especially useful when uncompressed processing is required, most modern broadcasts ultimately require digital compression and IP delivery at some point in the chain.

To make it even easier to integrate the HyperCaster AIO in Cable and IP networks, the HyperCaster AIO now supports native, integrated, high-quality MPEG-2 / H.264 IP video encoding for channel output.  This software upgrade allows the HyperCaster AIO channels to output SD or HD video over IP to broadcast TV, cable systems, or IP networks without adding an external video encoder. 

The IP encoder option can be added to any new or existing HyperCaster AIO-4, 8 or 12, with available IO resources based on the configuration, and is also available for most ProVue decoder models.

Using the TelVue integrated IP encoder saves you money by reducing rack space, power consumption and third party equipment headaches and maintenance.

The IP encoder option includes a number of common encoder profile presets, and allows you to create custom profiles.

You can then assign any of the custom or preset encoder profiles to a given output, and specify the IP destination options. For IP channels, when you just need IP playout without real-time processing, the HyperCaster IP with up to 20 channels per 1RU is ultra-efficient.  When you are mixing and matching formats and need decoding and scaling, or want graphics and branding or CALM loudness processing, adding ProVues or the HyperCaster AIO with the IP Output option is the way to go.

Systems can also be configured for simultaneous IP and SDI output based on available resources in cases where IP and SDI simulcast are required.

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