When industry leading freight and transportation market infometrics organization FreightWaves decided to expand their daily live programs into a full-time online video channel, they chose TelVue’s All-in-One HyperCaster. One of the key points for selecting the HyperCaster was the ability to insert SCTE-104 ad insertion triggers that can power downstream online advertising via Brightcove. 

“The HyperCaster’s ability to schedule and insert the 104 triggers was a key factor in our workflow and business plan for the channel,” says Nick Torres, Director of Media Product at FreightWaves. “We can easily integrate our live studio productions into our channels while inserting triggers as needed.” The HyperCaster was able to seamlessly utilize FreightWaves’s hundreds of hours of content in combination with studio programming and feeds from live events that they produce around the country. Torres further shared that “The ability for the HyperCaster to be the automated source of the linear video channel and program guide data to our BrightCove distribution saves us valuable time. In short, the HyperCaster works for us, we do not work for the server.”

FreightWaves TV

The SCTE-104 triggers are inserted via one-time or recurring rules-based scheduling into the SDI output of the HyperCaster. Handing off to industry standard Haivision encoders, the SDI output with SCTE-104 triggers are encoded to a Transport Stream with SCTE-35 ad triggers that is sent to the Brightcove platform for distribution and downstream ad insertion.

Downstream ad insertion is key for organizations everywhere to be able to monetize their channels through traditional distribution channels, as well as new online distribution including FAST channels. In recognition of the importance of stream monetization, TelVue developed the SCTE-104 trigger insertion upgrade for the All-in-One series of HyperCasters to provide another tool to existing and new media broadcasters everywhere.

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