On Tuesday November 3, 2020 from 21:00–23:59 ET Democracy Now! will broadcast a live 3-hour Election Night special including a new, dedicated broadcaster video stream that can be played directly on TelVue HyperCasters. The live video stream is available as both RTMP and HLS at the following URLs:

Please note: the feed will not have captions.

To add to your HyperCaster for live scheduling, follow the knowledge base articles on how to add RTMP live streams, HLS live streams, and live feeds in general. If choosing between the two formats, note that the RTMP stream may have lower latency due to the nature of the HLS protocol.

The broadcast will be presented as a single 3-hour block with one-minute music breaks at :59 past each hour and clean ins at the top of each hour. General information about the coverage is available here. On Election Night Nov 3, the stream will have bars and tone starting at 8pm ET with the program starting at 9pm ET.

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