TelVue is pleased to announce the release of TelVue Connect 3.0 and the TelVue CloudCast v3 web player with the following key features:

  • Native CloudCast streaming viewer analytics & reports
  • Display Agenda Documents / PDFs alongside videos in the CloudCast player
  • Display Channel Program Guide alongside live streams in the CloudCast player

The native CloudCast streaming viewer analytics & reports allow you to more quickly and easily gain valuable insight into your content, viewers, and reach. 

CloudCast Analytics Trends

CloudCast Native Analytics Viewer Trends

CloudCast Analytics

CloudCast Native Analytics App Details

The latest CloudCast Web, OTT & Mobile apps are compatible with the new native streaming analytics. Associated streaming viewership reports are available directly in the Connect CMS. The Streaming Analytics Dashboard displays total viewers, new viewers, total views, viewer trends, views by title, and views by app type. The Streaming Analytics Dashboard is intended for reporting viewership over time periods such as the current or previous year, quarter, month, or week. Available filters include date range, live and/or VOD, and app type. There are also geo location reports available that show you where your viewers are located in the US and around the world. The Current Viewers Report displays the total viewers and viewer world-wide locations for the most recent 30 minutes. This report is useful to gauge viewership during an important live event for example.

The new CloudCast v3 web player adds two new display options for showing additional information alongside videos. The Related Links and Attachments feature now allows designating PDF attachments to display alongside a video (in addition to the already supported attachment links), perfect for showing full Meeting Agenda documents next to government meeting videos. Streams allow designating an external web channel program guide to display alongside live streams. For example, you can integrate your HyperCaster external program guide to display next to your live streams directly in the CloudCast player.     

CloudCast Agenda Integration

CloudCast Web Player Agenda Documents

CloudCast Channel Guide Integration

CloudCast Web Player Channel Program Guides

Note that support for the new features above require your CloudCast web player and any CloudCast OTT & mobile apps to be updated to the latest versions. TelVue will be automatically updating all customer players & apps to the latest versions by July 1, 2023 so you can enjoy the new features. You don’t need to do anything to migrate. For those currently using Google Universal Analytics for CloudCast analytics, Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023, at which time you can use the fully integrated and streamlined native CloudCast analytics. Full Connect/CloudCast version 3.0 release details can be found in the Connect/CloudCast release notes

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