With the release today of TelVue Connect v2.4, users will notice many enhancements to the usability of the TelVue Connect interface, including:

New Media Thumbnail status icons

Mouse over each icon to display more information about the video in your TelVue Connect Media Library.

Option to display or hide “Recent Videos” section in CloudCast and OTT players

Go to Admin → VOD Players → Edit the player of your choice → Click on Appearance in left menu and scroll down below the color picker to this option:

CloudCast players display “Recent Videos” at the top by default. Uncheck this box to remove that section.

New display tabs in the Media Library

Notice the new “Broadcast” and “VOD” tabs in the Media Index view.

  • “Broadcast” shows media that is transcoded or transcoding to a Broadcast format, is or has been Distributed, or is scheduled.
  • “VOD” shows media that is transcoded or transcoding to a VOD format, or is in a Playlist, Series, or Category published to a VOD Player or OTT App.

Media Exchange videos can now be licensed and transcoded for CloudCast VOD use

For organizations with a VOD transcode profile, that transcode option is now available for videos that have been licensed from public and private TelVue Media Exchanges.

Please refer to the TelVue Connect Release Notes for the full list of v2.4 enhancements and fixes.

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