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TelVue Solutions for PEG Broadcasting
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PEG broadcast servers and video streaming for community media

Increase your relevance & viewership while lowering your costs when you deploy with TelVue!


“Being a public access station, cost is always a big concern and there was a strict budget to accomplish the move. Fortunately, TelVue’s B1000 HyperCaster offered the functionality LCTV needed, at the right price point.”
Tracey Durant

Project Coordinator, Longmeadow Community TV

“We wanted to upgrade to HD in a way that gave us flexibility in the future. TelVue’s HyperCaster system gives us modern workflows, enhanced on-air graphics capabilities, and can easily be scaled up when we expand our channel offerings.”
Gretjen Clausing

Executive Director, PhillyCam


Live Captioning – TelVue SmartCaption™ LIVE

Live Captioning – TelVue SmartCaption™ LIVE

Introducing SmartCaption™ LIVE, the smart, affordable way to make your live channels and on-demand programming accessible to the hard of hearing and multiple language speakers, comply with government regulations, and add searchable transcripts to your meetings. TelVue...

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