Time to upgrade to the new, improved CloudCast!

In 2008, TelVue launched CloudCast v1 as one of the first cloud-based, Internet video platforms designed specifically for Public, Educational, Government and Hyperlocal broadcasters. To better support the requirements of a rapidly changing streaming landscape, TelVue launched the all-new CloudCast “v2” in 2016.

TelVue has encouraged all our customers to upgrade to the modern CloudCast v2 platform, but until now, we have left that decision to you. TelVue CloudCast v1 works with Adobe Flash which was the dominant Internet video technology for many years. This year, 2018, was a tipping point when most popular web browser began to block the Adobe Flash plug-in and making it difficult for your viewers to watch your videos in modern web browsers and mobile devices.

For this reasons, TelVue has decided to immediately “Sunset” TelVue CloudCast v1 and move all users to the far superior CloudCast v2 no later than March 31, 2019. To begin the process of upgrading your CloudCast account and ensure a smooth transition, please contact Sales@TelVue.com. 

You and your viewers will greatly appreciate the new features and the modern video player that allows them to watch on all popular browsers, mobile phones, OTT apps and much more.

The upgrade process is easy, and you will enjoy the following benefits when completed:

  • A new “responsive” web video player that is fully compatible with modern web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. Native HTML5 compatibility does not require the outdated Flash technology at all.
  • Enhanced player navigation for improved viewer experience including Playlists, Series, and hierarchical Categories.
  • Enhanced closed captioning and accessibility support, plus variable speed playback.
  • Drag and Drop upload videos from your web browser to easily add content.
  • Enhanced content management and metadata tagging tools.
  • Cloud-based transcoding for high quality, bandwidth efficient video files.
  • 1-click publishing from your TelVue HyperCaster User Interface. (Requires a Generation 2 HyperCaster playback server. If you are using an EOL/legacy playback server, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to a HyperCaster for the optimal workflow and the numerous other advantages and features).
  • Inclusion in the Roku PEG.TV application (you MUST migrate by the end of the year to continue to be included).

Exciting optional services only available on the v2 platform include:

  • Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming for the same smooth HD and mobile experience viewers have come to expect on platforms like Netflix.
  • Automated Closed Caption generation for VOD streaming/OTT.
  • Dedicated Roku and Apple TV apps for your Channel/Brand.

Also consider upgrading your live streaming encoders to the latest TelVue TeleCast 2 model that supports ABR, Closed Captions, plus simultaneous streaming to YouTube and Facebook Live.

Please contact Sales@TelVue.com today to take your streaming to the latest and greatest, and delight your viewers!


Responsive, HTML5 Web & Mobile Player


Embedded 608 & Sidecar Captions



OTT Apps (Roku & Apple TV)


Chapters & Agenda Index Points


The NEW CloudCast is a significant upgrade over the legacy sporting so many enhancements. Here is a side-by-side feature comparison.

Legacy CloudCast v1 NEW CloudCast “v2”
Native HTML5 (No Flash Required)
Fully Responsive (Mobile Friendly)
Adaptive Bit Rate for VOD (Option, up to 7 Rates)
Adaptive Bit Rate for Live (With ABR Streaming Encoder, i.e. TelVue TeleCast 2)
Supports most popular, modern browsers
Supports modern Android & iOS devices
Hierarchical Categories
Recent Videos & All Videos
Embedded 608 Captions
Sidecar Captions
Accessibility Features (Keyboard Shortcuts)
Chapters & Index Points
Related Links & Attachments
Social Sharing
Custom Banner Ads
Variable Speed Playback
Full Player and Individual Media, Live Stream, Chapter Embeds
Playlist, Series, Category Embeds
Roku PEG.TV App
Dedicated Roku App Option (Branded for your Station)
Dedicated Apple TV App Option (Branded for your Station)
Chromecast Support
Airplay Support
Content Management System
Integrated With Connect (Single, Modern Cloud CMS for Multiple Workflows)
Native HyperCaster Integration (1-click VOD Publishing, Gen 2 HyperCasters)
Drag and Drop Browser Uploads
Contributor Accounts with Moderation Workflow
SRT Captions Upload
WebVTT Captions Upload
Automatically Generate Closed Captions (Optional Feature)
Metadata Presets
Bulk Metadata Edits

If you do not contact Sales@TelVue.com to coordinate your upgrade, your account will be automatically migrated to the new system by March 31, 2019. Note that the upgrade process requires updating your website embed codes for the new player, so it is strongly recommended that you do reach out to coordinate to ensure a smooth transition.