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Reach more viewers with TelVue CloudCast video streaming
TelVue CloudCast video streaming solution

Stream Your Programs to Multiple Screens – Web,  Mobile & OTT

Monetize with Ads & Paywall


TelVue Connect video cloud for aggregation, transcoding, and content management

Cloud-based Workflow for Broadcast, Streaming/OTT,

and Contribution


TelVue Connect Media Exchange for PEG programming

Media Exchange:
Share & Syndicate



Stream Everywhere, Easily, with

TelVue CloudCast for PEG streaming to Internet, mobile, Roku and Apple TV
TelVue CloudCast video streaming helps PEG TV reach multiple screens including Roku and Apple TV
Responsive, embeddable, customizable video player
  • A fully responsive viewing experience that automatically adapts to the size of the user’s screen, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones.
  • Customizable CloudCast player for full content navigation, organization and branding control.
  • Chapter/index points, agenda documents, and searchable closed caption transcript for finding areas of interest within a video.
  • Program guide display for Live streams.
  • Web Accessibility features including keyboard shortcuts.
  • Embed entire video portal, single videos/streams, playlists, series, categories, and chapters. 
OTT & Mobile Apps

Launch your channels on mobile and OTT platforms using the CloudCast TV Apps to effortlessly create HD channels on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, and iOS and Android mobile devices. Get your own branded apps in the Apple App Store,, Roku Channel Store, and Google Play Store.

Adaptive Streaming
Smooth video streaming to large screens, tablets and phones with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) – up to 7 different bitrates.
Sharing Tools
Share the link, embed the video or collection of videos, and post to social media.


Powerful Content Management & Analytics with TelVue Connect

Access the CMS online or via smartphone, with tools to:

  • Upload content from any browser or phone
  • Manage multiple players
  • Manage banner ads, videos ads
  • Organize your content by Categories, Series and Playlists
  • Add chapter markers
  • Analytics and reports to gain valuable viewer insight 

Monetize with Pre/Mid/Post-roll Video Ads and Paywall options.

TelVue Connect for cloud video transcoding, aggregation and content management.

for Content Management

Web-based Content Management
TelVue Connect is a versatile video content management system for professional broadcasters.

Uploads are browser-based and resumable. Content and metadata may be previewed in the user interface. Videos may be scheduled, organized into playlists, and auto-distributed directly to a TelVue broadcast server or TelVue CloudCast player.


Automatic Transcoding
Videos uploaded to TelVue Connect can be automatically transcoded in the cloud to pre-determined video formats.

For HyperCaster users, TelVue Connect is the simplest way to transcode many file formats to your broadcast format. The aspect ratio can even be reformatted if needed.

For CloudCast users, there are several Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) transcode options available for guaranteed smooth streaming.

Mixed transcoding workflows can be set for organizations using TelVue Connect for both broadcast and streaming.

Auto-distribution to an integrated TelVue HyperCaster

Set up your TelVue Connect account to distribute videos, metadata, and scheduling information directly to your TelVue HyperCaster Broadcast Server. Once connected, your content will show up in the broadcast server properly transcoded and formatted. TelVue Connect distributes the Series management and scheduling workload saving your staff additional time, without taking away programming oversight. Your programming team assigns Series and Timeslot rules to your contributors, and they upload and manage new episodes into their assigned slots

Multi-User Contribution
Drag and drop a video file in any browser to upload. Content may be moderated.

TelVue Connect eliminates the need for dedicated ingest and encoding equipment at your facility for contributors, saving your staff and your contributors significant time. The integrated cloud transcoding functionality makes sure all content you receive is the proper format for broadcast or streaming. TelVue Connect takes Community Generated Content and Channel Management to the next level, and to the cloud.

SmartCaption™ Automatic Captioning

TelVue’s SmartCaption™ is the complete Live & Offline captioning solution for broadcasters that makes multi-language captioning affordable and fully automated. SmartCaption saves you significant money, allowing you to control what gets captioned and limit live captioning to unique programming only. SmartCaption’s standards-based captioning is compatible with any broadcast and streaming platform. SmartCaption integrates seamlessly with HyperCasters for Live & File captioning (AIO, B100-SDI/ANA), Connect for Broadcast & Media Exchange captioning, CloudCast for Streaming, Mobile, & OTT captioning, and ANY playback system with the standalone SmartCaptioner™ LIVE server. SmartCaption is managed centrally from the cloud within TelVue Connect. Custom Language Models are supported for improved accuracy. CloudCast supports searching captions as a timed transcript to find areas of interest within meetings and programming. 

TelVue Connect video content management user interface

Get free programming from
the TelVue Connect Media Exchange

TelVue Connect Media Exchange - free PEG programming
Download free programming
Media Exchange Affiliate stations browse the Media Exchange for programs they might want to license, and then download these for re-broadcast.  Programs  will be automatically transcoded to the specific broadcast-quality standards of each affiliate.  For example, a program that was syndicated in native HD will be made available in an SD version to any affiliate that requires it. The same goes for MPEG-2 vs. H.264.
Producers can Syndicate
The TelVue Connect Media Exchange is the best way for program producers to syndicate their videos to an informal network of television stations.  Syndicators upload programs through a drag-and-drop browser interface, over any Internet connection, and specify a user license agreement.

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