Worried about Closed Captioning?

Don’t Worry. Take Action Now.

offers affordable, automated


Utilizing the IBM Watson™ speech-to-text for video engine,  the TelVue Connect Closed Captioning service analyzes video files and automatically generates Closed Caption timed text for Broadcast and Streaming/OTT. Now with Custom Language Modeling for enhanced accuracy.

Closed Captioning your programming is now easier than ever:

  1. Upload a video to TelVue Connect.
  2. Run the automatic caption generator to create a timed-text WebVTT file, optionally selecting a custom language model (a simple list of common words, phrases, and names). 
  3. Generate captions singly, or in bulk.
  4. (Optional) Download WebVTT file to edit the text in a caption editor.
  5. Captions display for VOD streaming/OTT.
  6. Captions are embedded as 608/708 in Broadcast files – ready to air & share.
Watch the video below for an example of Closed Captioning in CloudCast.

Please contact sales@telvue.com or call 800.885.8886 for more information.

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