In the age of transparency, you may already be posting all of your town meetings online, but are you making it both accessible and easy for viewers to quickly find topics of interest in meetings and other programming? TelVue CloudCast can not only automatically caption your programming, but now can use captions to create a fully searchable, timed text-based transcript.

The TelVue CloudCast video player now supports searching closed captioning to make it easy to find specific topics and areas of interest  within any on-demand programming, including local meetings. The captions search feature works for videos that contain embedded captions in the uploaded source files, videos that have externally created sidecar caption files associated with the video via the Connect CMS, as well as videos that use the TelVue Connect Closed Captioning services to automatically generate captions using powerful speech-to-text Artificial Intelligence. 

For videos with captions, the Caption Search button will display on the player menu bar. Clicking the Caption Search icon displays the Captions in Transcript style along-side the video. 

Enter search terms and click search to see a list of timestamp locations in the video and matching text from the transcript. Clicking on a search result takes you directly to that spot in the video.

CloudCast Caption Search

The Synchronize Video and Captions checkbox makes it so scrubbing the video automatically moves the transcript to the same spot. Likewise, scrolling the transcript automatically scrubs the video to the same spot.

In addition to making your content more accessible, Caption Search is yet another great reason to start captioning your programming today providing more discoverability and convenience to your community and viewers.

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