Closed Captioning SymbolWorried about Closed Captioning?

Don’t worry – Take action now. TelVue did.

TelVue is proud to announce that we will be offering affordable automated Closed Captioning services on our TelVue Connect™ and CloudCast platforms.

Utilizing the IBM Watson™ Speech-to-Text for Video engine, this new TelVue service will analyze customer video files and automatically generate Closed Caption text for broadcast and Internet VoD files.

For many years Closed Captioning for video programming has been a requirement for only the largest broadcasters. Recently, the rules have changed and even the smallest broadcaster may be required to caption all live event broadcasts and VoD content on the Internet.

Are you ready for Closed Captions? Take action now.

Call or email today for more information about TelVue Connect Closed Captioning services.

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