In the spirit of continually improving both operator and viewer User Experience, we have added an option for Realtime Audio Loudness Processing to the ProVue IP Decoder and HyperCaster (v6.0) models with integrated decoding. That means you no longer have to worry about jarring audio discrepancies when playing back files from different source and switching to and from live feeds that stream through the HyperCaster.

The new Audio Loudness option includes presets for broadcast and streaming, and leverages the advanced real-time audio technology of Linear Acoustic, an industry leader in audio processing for professional broadcast.

TelVue Connect users are already familiar with the automatic CALM compliant audio normalization applied to files before distribution to the HyperCaster. What we have done is extend that benefit to the entire channel, no matter what the source is, including live and any imported files. The HyperCaster & ProVue Audio Loudness Processor plugin eliminates the need for additional audio processing equipment saving rack space, power, and cost.

The new option is available in HyperCaster v6.0 with internal or external ProVue v3.0 decoding.

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