At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, BMTD leadership recognized the immediate need for additional local telecommunications and contracted with TelVue Corporation earlier than expected to build out an internet streaming and over-the-air TV station capable of providing hyper-local news and information to underserved frontier communities. TelVue’s advanced platform provided the ability to send simultaneous content streams online and over-the-air, as well as hosting content on-demand, permitting maximum communication with the local audience.

In April, BMTD launched Blue Mountains Now, in collaboration with local counties, cities, and other government agencies, delivering live TV program feeds and on-demand replays of local government meetings, along with other critical public interest content.

“Online or over-the-air, TelVue’s live stream provides a distraction-free environment to deliver important local video content, emergency updates, and a live text crawl of up to the minute news and information,” said Alex McHaddad, BMTD Executive Director.

 “TelVue’s product suite also provides an excellent foundation for educational programming through its Media Exchange syndication platform, offering free broadcast-ready content from NASA, the National Science Foundation and other providers. We are excited to collaborate with TelVue during the challenging COVID-19 outbreak and beyond to ensure that local news, information, and education content reaches the widest variety of viewers in northeast Oregon.”

In 2019, Oregon’s state legislature granted Blue Mountain Translator District, a local government telecommunications agency and operator of TV repeater stations, permission to launch an over-the-air and internet streaming TV station in 2020. BMTD quickly initiated its review of peer provider institutions and determined TelVue Corporation to be the gold standard for IPTV delivery. TelVue’s platform provided flexibility for delivering content online and over-the-air, a crucial feature in rural northeast Oregon, where broadband access is not readily available to a large portion of the population.

For more information about the Blue Mountains Now Project and other TelVue broadcasting solutions, call TelVue at 1-800-885-8886 or email

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