TelVue HyperCaster AIO - PEG broadcast server

More broadcasting with less hardware!

Ultimate flexibility in a single, powerful PEG & Pro broadcast server with up to 12 HD-SDI channels, and optional IP & Streaming outputs.

Playback * Record * Switch * Graphics * Captioning * Streaming * IP/SDI/NDI


  • Up to 12 auto-sensing HD-SDI inputs
  • HD-SDI switching & file encoding
  • StreamThru™ IP switching & optional capture
  • Import virtually any video file format
  • Streams: TS, RTMP, RTSP, HLS, SRT, NDI, Dash, Social Media
  • Codecs: MPEG-2 & H.264, SD & HD


  • Up to 12 simultaneous HD-SDI playback channels
  • Built-In up and down-conversion
  • Optional HD/SD simulcast (2 ports per Channel)
  • Optional Adaptive Streaming & IP Transport Stream outputs
  • Downstream graphics on all sources
  • Logos, tickers, snipes, squeezebacks, clocks, guides
  • CEA-608/708 Closed Captions
  • Optional audio loudness plugin (CALM compliant)

More Features

  • Browser-based, time-saving content & scheduling tools
  • Powerful, rules-based automation
  • Optional archive workflow & integration
  • Optional streaming, mobile, OTT apps with TelVue CloudCast
  • Optional cloud contributor upload with TelVue Connect

Choice of Models

  • HyperCaster AIO-B100-2+ – 1 SDI out & 1 SDI in (fixed), 1 playout & 1 encode channel
  • HyperCaster AIO-B100-4+ – 4 SDI ports, up to 5 playout & pencode channels, MAX 2 playback
  • HyperCaster AIO-B2000-4+ – 4 SDI ports, up to 5 playout & encode channels, MAX 2 playout, RAID, redundant power
  • HyperCaster AIO-B2000-8+ – 8 SDI ports, up to 5 playout & encode channels, MAX 3 playout, RAID, redundant power
  • HyperCaster AIO-B2000-12+ – 12 SDI ports, up to 8 playout & encode channels, MAX 5 playout, RAID, redundant power
  • HyperCaster AIO-B2000-12X+ – 12 SDI ports, up to 20 playout & encode channels, MAX 12 playout, RAID, redundant power
The HyperCaster AIO (All-In-One) Series gives you ultimate playback flexibility in a single, powerful, broadcast server. Each SDI port can be configured as an input or output for multiple channels of Playback & Encoding, plus native SDI Switching all-in-one!

The HyperCaster AIO Series is well-suited for PEG & Pro broadcaster who want an all-digital workflow with configurable input and output, making it possible to schedule a single channel that plays out simultaneously in HD and SD on SDI, Transport Stream, and Streaming for example, with customizable graphics on each channel.

The Hypercaster AIO gives you browser-based schedule and content management with an on-screen graphics designer. The AIO Series has the same user-friendly, access-from-anywhere interface you’ve come to expect from TelVue. Simplify your workflow and trim your equipment with the HyperCaster All-In-One Series.  Contact:  Phone: 800-885-8886. 16000 Horizon Way, Suite 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 – TelVue Corporation ® All Rights Reserved 2017