TelVue recently asked our users what new time saving feature they would like to see developed for the TelVue HyperCaster.  In response, we are pleased to announce that the “Block Scheduling”, is now available in the latest HyperCaster v4.3.

The “Block Copy” function allows a programmer to easily copy/paste a block of playout events from one part of your programming schedule to another.  (See HyperCaster User Manual for instructions).

Another big enhancement in v4.3 is the ability to schedule a graphic overlay in the Programming Classic View.  On-air Bugs and Text Crawls can now be scheduled – just as you would any other event.

You asked.  We listened.  Enjoy the new features.

The HyperCaster’s “Block Copy” UI

In Calendar View, this is an example of one block of programming, repeated twice.


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