Manage CloudCast Content

Please refer to the TelVue Connect instructions to upload content and add metadata.

To load your content to the CloudCast VOD Player:

  1. Follow the TelVue Connect instructions to organize videos from your media library into Series or Playlists. (Important Note: a single video can ONLY be added to your VOD player once it has been ADDED to a Series, Playlist, or Category.)
  2. From the VOD Player → Edit page, choose either Playlists or Series from the left Nav
    1. See instructions here on Creating a Playlist in Connect. Once created, the Playlist will show up in the Available Playlists window.
    2. See instruction here on Creating a Series in Connect. Once created, the Series will show up in the Available Series window.
  3. Drag and drop any playlist from the Available Playlists box to the Published Playlists box
  4. Save Player 

To add Categories

  1. Manage categories: From the Administration pulldown on the right, choose “Categories”. From here you can:
    • Add a new root-level category
    • Add sub-categories by clicking on the + sign
    • Click on the x to delete a category
  2. To add an image to a category:
    • Click on the category name
    • The option to rename or to add an image will appear
    • Save
  3. To tag a video with a category
    • Go to the Media Edit page
    • Click on the Metadata tab
    • Scroll down to “Categories”
    • Choose one or more, and Save 
  4. To publish a Category to a player
    • VOD players –> Edit player page –> (left nav – Categories)
    • Check off any category you want to display in the Category tab of your VOD player

Display categories with custom thumbnails

Click on category to display Sub-categories and list videos in the category

To add Chapters

  1. From the Media Edit page, choose “Chapters” from the top blue menu
  2. “New Chapter” opens up a Chapter edit page with a Preview player
  3. Enter timecode or use the slider in the Preview pane to select your Chapter points
  4. Click the Thumbnail button to generate a thumbnail for that chapter point (optional)
  5. Click “Set Start” to set the Chapter starting point (required)
  6. Click “Set End” to set Chapter end point (optional)
  7. Enter Chapter title (required)
  8. Enter short summary, end time, and description (optional)
  9. Each chapter will generate a unique VOD Link that you can use to send viewers to a chapter starting point.  To find that URL:
    • Click on the VOD Links option in the left nav
    • Select your options in the VOD link wizard
    • The wizard will generate both an embed code and a URL that can be copied to use as needed
  10. “Bulk Add Chapters” gives you the option of uploading a CSV file with the chapters pre-entered, in the following format:

To add Related Links or Attachments to a video

From the Media Edit page, choose “Attachments” from the top blue menu
Add a related link or attachment, and Save

in CloudCast User Manual

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