Main Application Screen- GoToAir Replay

GoToAir Replay Main Application Window


  1. Red outline around Video Source indicates video selected for Program.
  2. Blue dotted line around Video Source indicates video selected for Preview.
  3. Live/Recorded – in the top left screen of Video Source indicates mode of particular source.
  4. Blue bar displays frame rate and bitrate for each camera.
  5. Lightning bolt indicates that what is in the Preview window is Live in Director.  A blue square indicates that what is in the Preview window is NOT Live in Director.
  6. Blue button – in the top right screen of Video Source shows the Fn# for selecting the source for Preview or Program.
  7. The CPU and RAM utilization is shown in the upper right of the screen.
  8. Minimize/Maximize Toggle – Top right of Main Application window to toggle size of app.
  9. Main Video Preview Window – Provides a larger view of a camera before sending it to Program.
  10. Program Window – Displays the video selected and being sent to GoToAir Director.
  11. Transition – You can choose to Cut or Fade between cameras or display 2 cameras in PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode.  ROI’s can be used in Live or Recorded mode when using PIP.
  12. Switches from Recorded video mode to the Live feed from the same camera.
  13. Button to Rewind the recorded clip.
  14. Button for Play/Pause – when transitioning to playback, the video will be paused and must be started by the Replay operator.
  15. Button to Forward the video clip.
  16. The Slider allows you to manually select where a replay begins.
  17. Playback Speed – This is the speed the captured video will play back. The replay speed is changed by either clicking on the “+” or “-” buttons on the screen or by using the up/down arrows on your keyboard. (1.00x= normal speed, .50x = 1/2 normal speed, .25x = 1/4 normal speed or slow motion).
  18. Start – opens a window that shows “Tags” you have entered to quickly access a specific video clip for playback.
  19. Home – Opens a window that lists ROI’s entered for each camera/view. An ROI can only be selected when a camera is in the Program window.
  20. The green “Connected” in the bottom right confirms your connectivity with GoToAir Director.

Regions of Interest (ROI) View List

GoToAir Replay can create multiple ROI’s for each camera and save it in a list for later usage.

(Note: For more on ROI’s, see this GoToAir Director User Manual section. Unlike GoToAir Director, you will not have keyboard PTZ control in GoToAir Replay, only joystick control.)

Shortcut to save location is ‘Ctrl+D’, which opens a window that allows you to add a unique name to the ROI.
Once you have created and saved your ROI’s, you can select them by:

  1. Select the camera used for the ROI by choosing the number key. Then using your joystick keypad or mouse, click on the the ROI button and then click on the desired ROI, or
  2. Select the camera used for the ROI by choosing the number key and use the “+” or “-” keys to step through the stored ROI’s for that camera until you have the one you want to use/record.

Time Tag List

Time Tags are a way to bookmark the video clips you want to replay.

gtartaglistCreate a Tag:

  1. Click on the blue tag icon, or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+T” to add a tag for that location.  You can give the tag a unique name before you hit “Enter”, to make it easier to find.
  2. You can also use the slider (see #16 in the diagram, above) to “scrub” through your recording and add a tag using the steps above.

Launch the Replay:

  1. To play a recording from the point that was tagged, click on the time tag list to open the menu of bookmarks.
  2. Select the bookmark you want.  The video will then go to that queue point and you will see a red “Rec” oval that indicates you are seeing a recorded video.
  3. Select your replay speed
  4. Either press the play arrow or the letter P on your keyboard to begin playback.  Pressing P will either play or pause the video.
  5. To send that Preview to GoToAir Director, click on the matching Function key for that window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+T Create Time Tag.
Ctrl+D Create and store a Region of Interest (ROI) view.
P Play and pause a video being replayed.
L Live – switches to the live feed of the camera used for the replay.
F1, F2, F3, F4 Camera Selection for Preview/Program:

  1. Press the F1, F2, etc. keys once to show that camera in the Program window.
  2. Press the key twice, quickly, to switch  the camera to both Preview and Program.

When using a mouse:

  1. Click on the blue box in the upper right corner of the camera view once to show that camera in the Preview window.
  2.  Click it twice to switch the camera to both Preview and Program.
1,2,3,4 Is a shortcut to switch camera views to the Preview window. (The one with blue outline)
F11 Toggle for minimize and maximize the app display.
Increases the Playback speed of the recorded video clip.

in GTA User Manual

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