Main Application Screen

This Main Application Screen is where you choose your shots, add video, images, logos, graphics, transitions, animations, audio fades, and update sports scores for live broadcast.GoToAir Main Application Screen

Program Window

You can see what’s being streamed, including whatever multimedia you add.

You can switch between the camera buttons displayed under the preview window.
(i.e. S1 = Source One, S2 = Source Two, S3 = Source Three)
Option to toggle between the live source or media in the queue.
Game (or Event) ON: Displays only live source, without video or animation. (Note: Game vs. Event choice is in startup Menu.) With Game (or Event) ON, the icon to the right is lit.
Media ON: The Media On icon is active when selected video files or animations are playing. With Media ON, the filmstrip icon to the left will be lit.
  Control button is provided to resize the Program Window (Option for smaller and bigger display)

Queue Window






The queue window allows you to queue up the videos and animations (NOT images or logos) you plan to play in your live stream. The selected media is displayed with yellow text and blue highlight. To change the order of any file in the queue, drag and drop the file to a new position.

Below the queue list there are four action buttons (From left to right):

  1. Play/Stop – Toggle media on or off.
    1. In Play mode, GoToAir will automatically start at the top of the list and go to the next item in the queue.
    2. To skip to an item further down on the list, double-click on the item you want to play and GoToAir will start playing from that location.
  2. Next – Will jump to the next item in the queue. This is Enabled only in “Media” mode
  3. Trash Can Button – to delete selected media from the queue (Deletes from queue only – the media will still exist in your media library.)
  4. Repeat media – loops the entire queue

Media Content Tabs

The GoToAir installation includes two connected applications: GoToAir Director and GoToAir Media Studio. Media can be uploaded through both applications, but you would only need to open the GoToAir Media Studio application directly if you want to:

    • Pre-produce media
    • Re-name media
    • Create new Picture-in-Picture templates
    • Allow access to the media library and scoreboard control from a remote device

Images Tab

  1. To upload an image to your Images Tab, click on the Add (+) icon on the left.
  2. To add an image to your live stream, click on its thumbnail in the Image tab. (*Note: Images can’t be queued. Just click to play.)
  3. To remove the image file from your stream, click on the “Hide” thumbnail.
  4. To delete an image, select the checkbox and click on the Trash icon on lower right of screen. (*Note: Not to be confused with the other Trash icons on the GoToAir screen.)
  5. To add a transition to your image:
    1. Check “Fade” box
    2. Use slider to adjust duration of Fade
    3. Select image
    4. When you click on that image to add it to your live stream, you will see it fade in.
  6. Images will default to the center of the screen.  If you want to position your image anywhere else, you need to first position your image in a Template, and then save that Template to your Images Tab.  Please refer to the Template Tab section of this User Manual.

*Note: If you want to re-name your Image, you must do this through GoToAir Media Studio

Video Tab

Videos can be used in several ways in your GoToAir Director production:

  • Play full-screen
  • Use as animated transitions
  • Insert into the live shot as Picture-in-Picture


  1. To upload a video, click on the + icon on the left.
  2. Click on video thumbnail to add the video to the Media queue.
  3. Video transition options:
    1. Cut – video plays immediately
    2. Fade – video fades in. Use slider to adjust duration of Fade
    3. Animation – Plays the default animation before and after media in Video tab. The Default Overlay is the animation at the far right in the Animation tab.
    4. Picture in Picture (PIP) –

      1. Select PIP to display PIP templates
      2. Choose the PIP you want to use
        (*Note: Video #1 is always your Live output and Video #2 is your video file)
      3. Select video to play
      4. Once you have chosen your video, the combination will be added to the queue.

*Note: Instructions on creating your own PIP templates are in the GoToAir Media Studio section of this User Manual

Animation Tab

(Note: While animations can be used in conjunction with videos, the Animation feature is primarily designed for use with the GoToAir Replay Option, where it plays automatically between Live and Replay sources.)

  1. To upload an animation, click on the + icon on the left.
  2. (Refer to the Animation Support section at the end of this manual for detailed information on supported formats)
  3. Click on thumbnail to add to queue.

Logo Tab

By default, the logo appears on right top corner of the live program.

  1. To upload a logo to your Logo Tab, click on the Add (+) icon on the left.
  2. To add a logo to your live stream, click on its thumbnail in the Logo tab.
  3. To remove the logo from your stream, click on the “Hide” thumbnail.
  4. Checkbox option is to delete the logo.

*Note: Logos can’t be queued.

Template Tab

You can use one of the pre-made templates, or create your own image by choosing the Add (+) icon and inserting your own graphics.

To edit a template:

  1. Double-click on one of the thumbnails to open the template editor.
  2. In the template editing window, images and graphics can be added to the template.gtadirectortemplateedit1
  3. The yellow gear icon opens up a menu of text design options.
  4. When you have finished designing your template, Preview it.
  5. In the Preview window, you will see an Upload option.  When you’re satisfied with your template, click Upload and the template will appear in your Images tab.
  6. Close your template editor to return to your Images Tab.
  7. Important: The resulting edited template will appear in your Images Tab, and by default, will be renamed as Image_####.  If you want to rename this image for easier identification:
    1. Minimize the GoToAir Director screen and open GoToAir Media Studio
    2. Click on the Media Studio Images icon
    3. Click on the name of the image, delete one character at a time, and type in a new name
    4. Click on the green check mark to save the new file name
    5. When you go back to GoToAir Director, the image will be in the Images Tab with the new file name
  8. From there, the image can be added to your live feed like any other image.

Media Content Management

To delete media:

Select any thumbnail by checking the box and click on the Trash can at the lower right of your screen.
*Note: Not to be confused with the other Trash icons on the GoToAir screen.

GTADirectorMediaStars To know what has played:

  • Yellow Glow star indicates that the thumbnail is not used in this current broadcast.
  • Blue circle with number indicates number of times media played.


Audio Tab

Audio Fade: Fade audio between camera transitions


Scoring Tab

If, in the initial setup of the GoToAir application, you chose “Sports”, you will see a scoring template that matches the sport you selected.
*Note: Each sport has a specific template programmed with scoring requirement. This template shows the score for Baseball. Other sports scoring tabs are different.

Countdown Feature

GTADirectorCountdownIn sports where a countdown timer is relevant, you can set the time in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the up or down arrows above and below the min/sec fields.
  2. Click on the lock icon, which allows you to type in a time with your number keys.
Display Scoreboard

Below is a sample of the scoreboard display.
To turn the scoreboard on or off, click “ON” or “OFF

To have the scoreboard display appear with a fade transition, select “Fade” and type in the desired transition time.

Display Event Message

If in the initial setup you chose “Event”, you will see a simple Message field instead of a scoreboard. Type your message in that field and click “On” to display it on your program.


CPU meter

Above the Program window is an indicator of how much processing power you are using at any given time.  We recommend keeping this below 70% for the most stable operation.

If your CPU usage is too high, you can lower resolution of cameras, or lower encoding bitrate.

Information Button

The Information Button gives you the URL you need if you want to allow someone to manage media and update scores by accessing GoToAir Media Studio from a remote device – which could be a Mac, smartphone or tablet on the same network. (See further instructions in the GoToAir Media Studio section of this User Manual.)

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