GoToAir Media Studio

GoToAir Media Studio is an integral part of the GoToAir application. Most of its features can be accessed from the GoToAir Director interface. But for some of the following functionalities, you want to launch the GoToAir Media Studio application separately:

  • Pre-produce media
  • Re-name media
  • Create new Picture-in-Picture templates
  • Allow secondary access to the media library and scoreboard control

To launch GoToAir Media Studio:

  • Go to the GoToAir accessories folder on the desktop of your laptop
  • Open the GoToAir Media Studio application


There are three sections in the GoToMedia Studio Main Page:

  1. Shortcut Panel
  2. Multimedia Section
  3. Game Section

GoToAir Media Studio can also be accessed from remote devices like tablets and smartphones, as long as these devices are on the same network. You can, for example, upload video or images that were shot on a smartphone in a different location, and make that available to GoToAir Director to use in the live stream.


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